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Simplified contracting, payments and controls for agile businesses and their global vendor networks.

Hassle-free compliance and same day contracting

Kickstarting a new project or campaign that needs special skills? Get your independent contractors located anywhere — New Zealand, Argentina or Iowa — onboarded and active in minutes.

  • Standardized workflows
  • Legal compliance: US and international contracts, NDA, IP Assignment and non-competes
  • Tax compliance: Auto-collection of W9 and W8/W8 BEN forms and 1099 generation

Get more done while maintaining financial controls

Get your vendor paid on time. Automated invoice approval flows reduce email back and forth by 75%. 

Customizable financial approval policies keep spending in check and hiring managers, operations and finance aligned. 

Eliminate overpayments and only pay for work completed

Eliminate error-prone manual entry. With Liquid, work orders are generated during the onboarding process and auto-matched to invoices. 

Discrepancies are called out so you only pay for work agreed to and completed. 

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International Payments to 175+ countries in 2 to 4 days

What People Say

Backed by the Best

  • Liquid for

    • Automate vendor payables processing

    • Apply financial controls to contractor and vendor spend

    • Better cash flow visibility and reporting

    Finance & Operations
  • Liquid for

    • Bring all your contractors across the globe onto one platform

    • Reduce onboarding and compliance headaches

    • Track vendor projects and spend

    Managers & Team Leaders
  • Liquid for

    • Fast, compliant vendor contracting

    • Track vendor projects and spend

    • Be audit-ready with a built-in digital paper-trail


Ready to grow?

#GoLiquid and get more done today. 

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