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Frequently Asked Questions

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At the end of your 30-day free trial, you will be charged for the plan that you originally selected.


If you decide to upgrade or downgrade, you can do so by going to Business Settings > Liquid Plan. 

Your subscription will automatically renew for the same subscription period and plan. 

You can cancel your subscription any time. If you cancel during the free trial period, you will not be charged. 


To cancel, go to Business Settings > Liquid Plan to access the cancellation link. 

If you need to be able to pay more Active Vendors, you can upgrade your plan by going to Business Settings > Liquid Plan. The upgrade will go into effect immediately.


If you are no longer paying as many Active Vendors, and want to downgrade, go to Business Settings > Liquid Plan to select a new plan. The plan will go into effect in the next period. 

Vendors and freelancers can be paid via ACH and wire transfer.

When you pay a vendor abroad, Liquid securely withdraws funds from your bank account via ACH and transfers it to your vendor via wire transfer.

Liquid does not charge ACH fees.


You can pay an unlimited number of invoices from the active vendors outlined in your chosen plan each month for the same monthly fee. 

With Liquid, vendors keep more of the invoiced amount because there are no Liquid fees.


Once your vendor sets up their free Liquid account and connects their bank account, payments are typically received in 2 to 3 days for U.S.-based vendors and 2 to 4 days if they are international. 

Liquid simplifies how businesses, freelancers, vendors and suppliers work together.


As a client paying vendors, you will need your business name, address and Employer Identification Number (EIN). You will also need to connect the bank account that will be used to make payments. 

Liquid simplifies how businesses, freelancers, vendors and suppliers work together.


As a vendor invoicing clients, you will need your business name, address and Employer Identification Number (EIN). Or, if you don't currently have an EIN, use your SSN instead. You will also need to connect the bank account to which payments will be made. 

As part of our banking partners' anti-fraud policies and our overall security best practices to protect everyone on the Liquid Network, we use your EIN (or SSN) for identity verification. 


For freelancers and vendors, the EIN (or SSN) is also used in your W9 form. 

Liquid uses bank-level security to keep bank account and transaction data secure.

Read about it here. 

Our banking partners include J.P. Morgan with more partners to come. 

Feature Highlights

Digital Onboarding

Pre-built workflows speed onboarding and document collection. Digitally sign and countersign all forms and contracts.

Work Order System

Easy-to-follow workflows turn proposals into work orders  complete with deliverables, timelines and payment terms.

Vendor Friendly
Vendors, solopreneurs and independent contractors can use Liquid to invoice clients and get paid for free.
Digital Vendor Cards

Digitize and keep all vendor work orders, invoices, legal and tax documents organized and conveniently accessible.  

Integration with QuickBooks

Sync Liquid data with QuickBooks for fast reconciliation and reporting. 

Multiple Payment Options

Liquid is the most cost-effective way to pay to vendors anywhere. For convenience, payments to Payoneer and Wise (fka TransferWise) accounts are also supported.

Intelligent Invoicing

Invoices are generated using data from work orders.

Dashboard & Reporting

Create reports on cash forecast, expense accrual, work order details, accounts payable, W9 data, W8 data, 1099 data, and more.

Bulk Actions

Save time adding existing vendors and paying ongoing project vendors with bulk upload and bulk pay.  

Roles-based permissions

Easily add operations, finance and legal team members as well external experts such as book-keepers with role-based permissions. 

Tax Compliance

1099 form generation and filing for U.S.-based vendors.

Identity Verification

To protect all clients and vendors on the Liquid platform, we apply bank-level security and fraud protection measures. 

Vendor Contract Alerts

Get reminders of contract renewals and expirations.  

Legal Compliance

Legal templates compliant in the U.S. and abroad including master contract, NDA and IP assignment are provided.


Access our comprehensive knowledgebase 24/7. Chat and helpdesk are staffed by Liquid's friendly U.S.-based team.